Life after Covid concept by Deutche Bank

Lately Deutche Bank presented their report “life atfer Covid”. The report focuses on 20 different areas, where will occure some changes on a global scale. Basically it will affect all areas of life – from personal, throught economic, until the family and social fife.

The report focusing on many things from working from home as a standard, to the industrial changes, inflation and EU health care system changes.

We will try to highlight most important problems that will probably occur after the world will defeat, or at least handle the situation, with the virus. We hope that those  articles will help You better understand the changes the world is inevitably entering.

We will devide the report on three or four different articles pointing to different areas of life. We will try to go thought all the topics below:

  • Investments in health systems are the must
  • Inflation or deflation – possible scenarios
  • Pomping economies while cricis – how will we pay for it?
  • Global value chains changes
  • Climate change
  • Tourism, Flights and HoReCa indutries
  • Online shopings as a standard?
  • Online access to govermental institutions
  • Online banking industry changes
  • Stock market crash and a detail investors overlooked
  • What pandemia taught us?
  • Football: the growing gulf between clubs
  • Online education changes
  • Our new technological habits
  • How pandemia will affect our privacy in future?
  • The future of remote work

We belive that it’s important that we all knew, how the Covid-19 pandemic, will affect our lives.

Articles on

This “articles” section was created becouse tha author of statistics site had enought of hearing only about pandemia. It’s enought and I think that instead of looking into stats, hearing about another restrictions and  thinking how to live in corona crisis, better is to start thinking what we will do and how our life will look like after covid.Becouse Yes – our lives have changed already and it will change even more in the next few years. This is a fact.

The other fact is, that sooner or later, we will came back to normality 🙂 We gonna be again meeting each other, traveling and our life will came back to “After Covid normality”.